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“Een beetje verheffen”: Een reaktie op Prof. Jonkers gedachten over Zuid Afrika

Journal PaperReview article
Jan G. Platvoet
Areopagus 9, 5 (okt. 1976), p. 14-17 & Areopagus 9, 6 (december 1976): 52-54

Response to Prof. Jonker’s “Gedachten over Zuid-Afrika”, in Areopagus 9, 5 (Oct. 1976): 14-17

Programmatic Statements from Africa, 1982-1992; A Review Article

Journal PaperReview article
Jan G. Platvoet
Numen 40, 3 (1993): 322-342

Jan G. Platvoet 1993, ‘Programmatic Statements from Africa: A Review Article’, in Numen 40, 3: 322-342

In this article, I review J.S. Krüger 1982/1988, Studying Religion: A Methodological Introduction to Science of Religion. Pretoria: University of South Africa; M.H. Prozesky 1984, Religion and Ultimate Well-being: An Explanatory Theory. London: Macmillan; and J.K. Olupona 1991, Kingship, Religion, and Rituals in a Nigerian Community: A Phenomenological Study of Ondo Yoruba Festivals. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International

Note that I have added a Postscript summarizing Martin Prozesky’s response to my review of his Religion and Ultimate Well-being.

Beyond “Primitivism”: “Indigenous Religions”; a review article

Review article
Jan G. Platvoet
AASR Bulletin no 21 (May 2004): 47-52

Jan G. Platvoet 2004, “Beyond ‘Primitivism’: ‘Indigenous Religions'” [review article of Jacob Kehinde Olupona (ed.) 2004, Beyond Primitivism: Indigenous Religious Traditions and Modernity (New York, etc.: Routledge); Graham Harvey (ed.) 2000, Indigenous Religions: A Companion (London, etc.: Cassell); Karen Ralls-MacLeod & Graham Harvey (eds.) 2000, Indigenous Religious Musics (Aldershot, etc.: Ashgate); Graham Harvey (ed.) 2002, Readings in Indigenous Religions (London, etc.: Continuum)], in AASR Bulletin 21 (May 2004): 47-52